New Year! … WellCome!

With my ideas beautifully coloured by a lot of ProSecco, I believe, at this very moment, in a viable and definitely pleasant world. I CHOOSE to believe in this world,  despite all newspapers and scientific reports, and wish deeply it will be your world in 2015 too! May it be colourful, fun, stimulating and, most of all, rewarding! So much so, bad news will go unnoticed – so much so, people around you will be infected, and become suave (this oldfashioned word!) and colourful too… The opportunities you were waiting for will just happen (yes, they WILL), smoothly and effortless, no extra suffering needed…

Throw away bitterness, stress, care, disbelieve… – let’s go after what really mathers! Let’s go for it! I wish you a surprisingly good 2015!

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