DSCN3777More than anything, I’m curious and restless. And a hard-worker. Passion for my activites makes me plunge head first into everything, I become obsessed and work my wits out in all of them.
My first profession was as Ballet dancer – my greatest passion, all my life, has been Dance.
After some dramatic happenings that are beside the point, I gave up dancing, and wanted a profession as different from dancing as I could get. I have a degree in Physics, and almost a master degree, but coud not stand a life inside laboratories and turned to Information Technology instead. It was not a wise decision either, I hated it, but I was good and well-paid, so I had not much choice – it provided for myself and my family all these years.
Some years later, I went back to class-room and research: Social Anthropology (loved it!) – my research field being Male Gender, and this led me to study freudian Psychoanalysis, too.
I’m retired now. I write, make pottery (all about plants, I’m a nature addict), VD clips, a little photographing.
I love, love, love Music, but as it is not one of my skills, my role in Music is that of the Grateful Ear…
And as I cannot dance, I became, here too, just the Grateful Eye…
The changes in Dance are accelerating, it is thrilling to see that. You wouldn’t believe all dance pieces I have watched the last few years, and watched again, and again, trying to “feel the pulse” of what is going on – as good as I can, because in fact I live far away from where real action happens.
My texts are long, VERY long in present-days telegraphic standards, but I hope they are NOT pompous! I like to write as I talk – a pleasant and stimulating talk, with a glass of wine between us, would be just the perfect description.
If my long years of scientifc training help me prevent being naive, my opinions and assumptions may suffer from lack of information and excess of passion – I don’t expect them to be important or state any “real” truth. So, if someone about whom I write feels bothered about my opinion, please let me know, I will exclude the annoying matter on the spot.
The only thing I know is that I know nothing (said Socrates, not me).
I agree with him, believe me! But I cannot help having ideas about nothing, even if they, by definition, amount to nothing, too…
The photo of Marcelo Gomes has copyrights…in Russian. I cannot even type the text to acknowledge its origin… I hope I will be allowed to keep it here, it is of such incredible beauty!

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