Ivan Vasiliev’s Injury – Good News!


Ivan Vasiliev is already rehearsing in London. It will be a memorable Swan Lake, for sure – both he and Alina Cojocaru are real, great artists, and ENB’s production has earned so much praise!


Never, never! could I have imagined that post about IV’s injury would have such visibility, it certainly was not my intention- but then, he is a very much loved artist!

Obviously those linking  wanted to know more details about the injury, not my “wise” opinion about it, and all that post did was help brew  a storm in a teacup. As there were no news until the  27th Dec,  there was no way to ease his fans worries… Fortunately, it seems his injury was not an ACL  – as a russian newspaper stated – or there are ways of treatment that don’t require long months of rehabilitation. Anyway, he is young and strong, and is already back!

Now let’s hope the best to Natalia Osipova and Guillaume Cotê, too,


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