Now it’s Natalia Osipova…

Ballet is ruthlessly darwinian

This is the headline of Luke Jenning’s review of ROH Don Quixote, on the 20th Dec, when Natalia Osipova falled during Act 1, and injured badly her leg.

She could not go on after Act 1, and was replaced by Akane Takada.  It’s her third injury since joining ROH.

I have no other information about it, I only hope she is lucky, and it was more painful than serious!!!!  Good and speedy recovery, fair Queen!

That are still no news about Vasiliev ‘s health, either.

I will try no to make such a fuss this time, because in the mean time I realized dancers keep usually a low-profile about their injures – it makes sense, if you think about it – but it’s hard on their fans, not to know what happened and when we can expect them back.



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