Are YOU moonstruck?  Well, I am!!  Full moon, to me, means imsonia (more than usual)!

I certainly can vow for this Milena Sidorowa’s piece! I had to laugh aloud as I watched it, it’s SO perfect! At  2:23,  that’s me, at 5:00 in the morning, beyond all rational thinking,  daydreaming (I mean, dawndreaming) about being a dancer again…

Milena Sidorowa is a talented young dancer and choreographer, there are few clips (look in her YouTube’s channel ‘waltzish’), but I like them, they are expressive, fluid, and fun choreographies  (although her Spider choreography belongs more to a ‘What’s your Talent Show’…) – she´s certainly one of the ‘off-limits’, irrepressible ones I like so much!



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