Quote of the day – Judith Mackrell

“No one, clearly, is advocating that performances of Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake should be cast with 50-year-olds. But McGregor has demonstrated how much of a waste it can be for mature artists simply to be put out to pasture as non-dancing kings, queens, eccentrics and crones. They can be capable of a far wider choreographic and expressive range; and, if they’re given the right material, can bring much-needed texture, contrast, wit and realism to the ballet stage.” (highlight is mine)

Judith Mackrell, in ” Keep Dancing: the ballet stars leaping through the age barrier“, The Guardian, 05.07.2015


If you think about, it becomes so obvious.  It’s how things are in other Performance Arts. Dance as Art would profit, GREATLY! but what a change it would require in current ballet organizations!

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day – Judith Mackrell

  1. Thank you for reposting this! I think it is a topic which deserves more than cursory attention: imagine if this post or article goes unforgotten. Try writing a piece about it! I would be very interested in reading it! If you have time:)


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