Why Sports Should be Considered a Form of Dance

A fresh and original view on the “Is Dance a Sport?” subject.Really worth reading!

Nadia In Her Own World

If you’re a dancer, you have probably heard various forms of the “is dance a sport?” argument for longer than you can remember. You probably got into debates about it at some point and even used it as an essay topic in middle school (with a quote from Martha Graham, Balanchine, or Einstein thrown in for good measure).

It got old, but somehow people are still regurgitating “Dance is a sport”/ “No it’s an art” like it’s new.

Whatever. Yes dance and sports have some similarities, but I say they’re asking the wrong question. Sure, I get why people would want to align dance with something which has more funding and social support in our society, but what if dance was the standard which we compared other things to?

You know what’s more fun and mildly subversive than arguing why dance should be considered a type of sport? Arguing . . .

Why Sports Should be Considered a Form…

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