The bows of Kristina Kretova and Ivan Vasiliev


I love the way Kristina Kretova and Ivan Vasiliev show they are happy with their performance – and happy that the audience had a great time watching it. They, specially Ivan Vasiliev, are so at ease, the “fourth curtain” has thinned down to almost nothing, and the audience must feel as if some of the glow is being handed down to them… a very good feeling!

There is a nice cumplicity there, a shared love for Dance, a shared joy about the magic that was created on stage. I love that about russian people – about russian audience – the warm, open way they react. And the way Ivan openly shows THEY make him happy… A win-win trade, or a fair love affair, if you like it better!…

It makes ME happy to see.  Even me, who was not there!

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