Quote of the Day – Alina Cojocaru

“I can’t do the same thing twice, even if I try. But at the Royal there was one way of doing things – the Royal Ballet way. Now I’ve cut the ropes that were holding me, I can experiment, and I’m not afraid to fall.”

Yeeeesss! I love brave dancers!

Now she will be in ENB’s Swan Lake (7, 11, 13, 16 January) with another brave one, Ivan Vasiliev (not that Swan Lake’s choreography leaves you any room to experiments!).

It would be so nice if they could be partners more often, in the future! She is SOOOOO good!

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Alina Cojocaru

  1. This is indeed excellent news, thank you so much for posting! I had read that he was rehearsing for Swan Lake and couldn’t believe it. I do hope he is fully recovered and will not sustain another injury. Unfortunately I cannot be in London to see his performance tonight, I would have loved to, but I am still hoping he might just dance the leading role in Ivan the Terrible with the Bolshoi on the 19th of April. Here’s hoping!



    1. Katherine, did you ever receive my reply to your first post? I just saw it is in “pending” (not “published”) status. If you have not: I was thanking and wellcoming you. Problem is, I’m still figuring out how this blog’s features work, not always successfully, kkkk. Sorry.


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